March 28 2008 ( Friday) Japan Oita At Hall

Damo Suzuki with Kento Adachi (Guitar), Yasushi Egami (Guitar), Emoto (Drums), Isami (Drums), Kengo Kato (Sax), Hiroshi Kawamura (Drums), Hiroki Misawa (Bass), Hiroshi Ogasawara (Bass) and Tomokazu Takeda (Guitar)

I had enough time in Haneda. I use to arrive airport earlier. Now a days security check takes long and quite stress and uncomfortable. In Japan you can bring only one lighter in airplane not more than two. Haneda airport is like Narita, there are many shops and restaurant, so I can hanging around quite comfortable, Took late breakfast…curry rise and beer. Curry is very popular in Japan…but, Japanese curry taste. not like Indian or Thai. This curry is everywhere quite standard taste and every place you can find it so often like noodle restaurant. Kinda Japanese fast food. Always nice feeling to travel to place I have never been.

About Oita I don’t know anything. Once I came to Beppu which is also in Oita-Ken. Kawamura, booker of tonight’s show and sound carrier picked up me from Oita airport told me that Beppu is Economically not good like before. Beppu is famous, in her glory time she was one of three most popular hot springs in Japan. Went to venue at first, sound guy was already preparing, Kawamura took me to Japanese style restaurant. Were in private room. If you come far from Tokyo, you find many different things….Lady’s are much naturally and has her own beauty. Even here you can find foreigner…

A young guy met at my performance is British. There are many English teachers from foreigner countries in Japan. Specially from UK, New Zealand and Australia. Two sets with different sound carriers. After show, with some sound carriers went to Izakaya, owner is a jazz fan, as usual small place, but very family good atmosphere. Kawamura knows this Izakaya very well, so owner just cooked for us some thing he thought about. not on menu. One of sound carriers is working for biggest local bank, One of sound carriers runs construction and building company, so, we talked a lots about economical matter. The bank guy remembered his composition “Fukuda no Baka” a protest song against former Japanese prime minister Fukuda when he was young. Song is “Foolish Fukuda” Was funny to hear his young age composition, he sing with guitar. Singer songwriter stuff.

Night was deep, this is local city almost nobody on the street at 3 in the morning when we left.

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