March 21 2008 (Friday) Japan Kunitachi Chikyuya

1st Set: Damo Suzuki with Cat-rat (Key), Junji Mori (Sax), muupy (Percussion), Mari Sekine (Drums) and Kanami Suzuki (Bass)
2nd Set: Damo Suzuki with Hiroshi Higo (Bass), Takayuki Kato (Guitar), Sachiko Nakajima (Synth, Keys) and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (Drums)

Takazou and Yuu-san invited us for rehabilitation centre, take medicine bath and it made me not only relax, made me to believe in my body and soul. With this refresh ness we went to the venue.

Chikyuya is a kind of the meeting place for alternative artists who live in this part of Tokyo, a small venue and has kind of atmosphere which is quite special and sometimes crazy. There is always something happen. Takazou is always arrange this venue for me. He is now stopping alcohol and smoke so, he doesn’t come here so often like before. After sound check we went to Fish Restaurant near the venue….Since Izu peninsula, I am more crazy after fish. Fish makes me happy and bring me good energy. and this was really good fish restaurant too, had many fresh assortment that I could eat all of them….

Actually before my 1st set I performed with opening act…two young drummers, Eru-san, a pretty lady, (former hippy) owner asked me if I can perform with them. I said yes, what else I can do  here in filled up hot spot. Even tonight they have light show. Sound man was very excited and good motivated. Ken, Rie showed up..surley Kon-san who is taking care of merchandising for Cpt.Trip..I informed you that Kon-san visited my performances mostly..more than 40 I guess. My real 1st set was all female band. no not really…Mori san, the sax player is a male. Sound was quite tight and went far away. Mari-san I performed together in Club Havana played drums tonight. With Cat-rat I performed last year. To perform with a lots of females is fun. No doubt I love females..2nd sets is curate by Higo, favorite artist of Eru san. Every time I perform here, Higo curate for one set and he plays.

At break I have to go out. sweating like Niagara falls and to breath here inside is quite heavy duty. I need fresh air and cool wind!!!!. On the way back to Keiichi’s we visited small noodle restaurant. after performance I really like to eat noodle soup. this is best as I loose many substance. “Ninnikuya” the name of eat away restaurant means Garlic House. You can put many garlic as you like…it’s yummy and so cheap, you cannot imagine. Many single man, student, business man come here and eat noodle soup at counter, talk about their problem and life stories……

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