March 12 2009 (Thursday) UK Manchester @ the Ruby Lounge

Damo Suzuki with Martin Archer (Effects), Steve Dinsdale (Drums), Jack Hardicker (Percussion), Phil Kay (Guitar), Gary Mclure (Keys), Jay Taylor (Bass), Andrew Wright (Guitar)

I was waiting for Jay at the station, I didn’t see him even he was there at the time I arrive Manchester as we had appointment. So, I have to find the venue by myself. Anyway it’s on Piccadilly. Asked at record shop… Quite often in Manchester, next month I will be here too.

This venue is for the first time. Jay works here. Delayed sound check with Jay as almost regular sound carrier in Manchester, David and Martin..All I know from passes shows here, was over…and got bit hungry, and went to chain restaurant (They have also a couple of in London even T5 at Heathrow…which is shame) with Japanese name, but foods are mixed with fake Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai…. however you can imagine of all those Asian countries. Taste was just like expected = food without soul..Maybe sure for this price…I took one of cheapest solution … menu. If I come to place like here, I’m not that much interesting to order expensive one. It’s just waste of the money. Martin was asking me if I cook by myself. „Oh, Yes…

This is my problem on tour, I use to eat self-made food at home and I use healthy organic stuff and recently not eating meat at home. It’s not matter of money. To pay money for health is one of important thing money works positive way. This is basis. Problem: when I’m on the road..I really don’t know what/where to eat. Many audience are almost first time to Network experience, they know my works from my old time even they’re young generation. Some invited me for a glass of beer, instead I asked bottle of water, and they’re disappointed. All these days I drink water instead beer or wine. I have learned from days in Australia. I had gout for many days, very painful to travel, So, I drink water…. (But, how long?)


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