January 13 2018 (Saturday) UK, Hastings @ the Printworks

Damo Suzuki with Sound Carriers (Unfortunately I don’t have line-up list if you know names and music instruments of sound carriers, please inform me.)

Last night, I joined E-da’s project “Adrena, Adrena” with some sound carriers at ICA (Institutes of Contemporary Arts), London. This appearance that I as a special guest kept secret until the day of the performance.

“Adrena Adrena” is collaboration of E-da (Drums/Sound) and Daisy Dickinson (Visual). Big balloon is hanging from ceiling at middle of the space, around balloon is circle of musicians with their music instruments, and then circle of audience, there’s no stage. They had some plan, I have to join a bit later than anybody and very short appearance.

Here you can see documentation:

It’s kind of art project, so I felt different than my audience.
I guess it was successful evening, anyway I used my brake for good purpose before Hasting gig.

When I got this offer from Hastings my trustful promoter Tobi, I was quite sceptic to perform at this place, is there any people come for this kind of music?

Hastings is the place young people and artists escape from big city London. Easy to reach to the capital city, in an hour or few. So some people moving to these suburbs like Hastings, Lewes or more west Ramsgate, Margate…also resort or weekend paradise. There were good amount of musicians, I don’t know who play in opening band and who will be join me the instant band of tonight. One thing I felt in this concert not common to other shows, the drummer, who has headphone on it and he listen to tempo that he can play exactly like machine and may be powerful as he can keep things in tact. This is thing I’m not expecting and it’s not organic at all, before start already strong direction and rhythms that keeps going in, it’s not natural. This is not the space to criticize a person. Just not in my concept. I don’t like to have and plan, any system before we start. If music already in system what I can help? It’s almost seeing movie you know already everything.

Unexpected we had many people in audience that there was no space. Heat in middle of winter. Also the pub on Grand floor was full. A country town in weekend. After the show talked with some visitors. One of them was from Ireland visiting his friends near by, he promised to come to show in Ireland as well. Talk and selfie with many cute young girls. It was really more than I expected, so busy evening and everybody was in party mood.

Question left , the middle of the green room placed a toilet bowl, for what the reason there? Is it a joke, is it an art?

Kindly Geraldine (excellent portrait artist also keyboarder of Faust) offered us her place, next day relaxed sight seeing near by.

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