January 11 2018 (Thursday) UK, London @ Jazz Café

Damo Suzuki with Orphy Robinson and Friends: Ansuman Biswas (Percussion, Hang), John Edwards (Bass), Orphy Robinson (Vibraphon), Mark Sanders (Drums) and Beibei Wang (Percussion, Ethnic Sounds)

“3 months before/after, no London arrangement, please”

This is an agreement, 8, 9 months before this offer comes from Lev the booker of the venue. This is fully new venue to me. Name “Jazz Café” makes me a little misunderstanding.

Lev had already idea that point, give Orphy Robinson to arrange sound carriers as curator. (Regally, every show curate by local prompter.)

In Camden where gold searchers find all kind of goods it may hip, may kitsch, trendy or however. It’ a (tourist) shopping mile, every young London visitors spend their time, easily change their budget become some fancy goods.

Sound check is randomly, not everyone was at the venue, all sound carriers seems to be know each other well, all Orphy’s friends.

Many times E-da joined Network performance if there is chance while on the road when he supports me as a driver, but he stayed out tonight, he wanted as an observer tonight. He was meaning very interesting formation, so he likes to see it. For example young Chinese lady Beibei plays “water”, water as percussion, water as element, first time ever I performed with this very natural music instrument,

Many years ago, often I used water sound (from CD) of river as opening to Network performance to develop flow.
Also contra bass joining tonight. Well come change.

Strangely many visitors came this venue for first time and they liked this space, even some was saying never expected such nice venue like this.

After lady of the venue asked me what is opinion about this venue as performer. I said the green room is a bit small. But, anything sound system, atmosphere, stage everything is fine…surely music it’s self.

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