January 10 2018 (Wednesday) UK, Brighton @ Komedia

Damo Suzuki with YETTI, Ian Humes, Bob Neely, Dan Joyce and Mark Boniface of the punk band Harker.

Even I have work visa for UK, it took long at immigration always.
The officer at the immigration was checking everything, where is the venue, which is the agent, calling here and there, question one after another.
After long control, I found E-da at the exit, delay for around one hour.
Surprisingly, not that bad situation on motorway.

Stansted Airport is north of London. I didn’t have any solution to land at Gatwick, even much near to Brighton. Strangely, I found no flight from Cologne to Gatwick. Is it depending on season? I found flight only to Stansted and Heathrow. Flight to Heathrow tickets are all gone when I book this flight.

Stansted to Brighton took around 3 hours.

Weather is near dark, heavy cloud cover on the motorway, seems to be very next moment sky may open for rain.

E-da kindly offered me to stay at his flat in Howe. We stopped at fish shop to prepare lunch and dinner after the show. Fish shop was my intense too smell fishy. (I expect sea smell, not fish smell at fish shop. It has to be smell of sea.)
E-da didn’t say anything about of his new girlfriend even we had quite often E-mail exchange, visiting him since December. His girlfriend Kina with her school duty son. How is possible his son is here, not visiting school? She is a self-educating mother, against school mandatory. Occasionally, they’re visiting other countries too. Against school education system or not is everybody else’s decision. I’d boycott to continue school when I was kid, so I’m more near to Kina’s side.

Kina is in a way confident, other hand I can see many question marks upon her head. She is a sympathetic person.

E-da and Kina both disappeared into kitchen, her son lives in an another world, playing his Game Boy. Probably Kina prepared something already before I come, food came like interval in good flow.

Food was yummy and natural as they use wheat instead rice. This kind of touched food I had very long time ago at vegan Café, on pedestrian paradise, alternative part of Tokyo, short time slip.

Due to early flight, woke up 4:00 am (3:00 am in UK), after lunch, my eyelid get heavier, natural result…nap for 2 hours.

I perform rather often in Brighton, probably next to London in UK.
Still so, I perform in this venue for first time.
I’ve been knowing promoter James, arranged my performance already once, when he was a teenager, just he started to book artists. He looks so different, is bigger, and looks a different person. He had his father in Gillingham who also arranged my performance once while ago. He’ll be here James told me. It’s shame, I couldn’t recognize him if it’s he when I see him after long time. Sure, I excused. It’s huge exercise to remember all those people I met on the road, even just by face, even by name, my capacity is limited and some are melt away. Worse that my sight getting weak on it.
E-da joined us as usual and Kina played toy-saxophone, she was eye catching almost naked on the stage.

Review: https://www.theargus.co.uk/leisure/critic/15822088.review-damo-suzuki-komedia-brighton-january-10/



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