December 2 2007 Sunday Los Angeles, CA, USA @ Safari Sams

Damo Suzuki with Len Del Rio (Percussion), Michael Esther (Guitar), Tommy Grenas (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard), Chris Guttmacher (Drums), Ryan Kirk (Guitar, Bass), and Kevin Lee (Theremin, Moog)

With LA sound carriers, I released one double METAPHYSICAL TRANSFER and half of double CD HollyAris. I didn’t see them since 2002 (except Tommy, Len and Kevin, they performed once in between in Cologne, so I had opportunity to see them)and now, we perform together…this is one of my personal highlight for this west coast tour. To meet old sound carrier friends. Perform with them is almost perform with my own band, they know each other well and there are many characters. Fortunately this time I have time to stay few days in LA.

Yesterday afternoon, I arrived, Tommy and Michael from Farflung picked me up we went Tommy’s place where I will stay until 4th. I was his place for three times, Tommy and Cassy has now three dogs. one is small very temperamental one and very curious about anything. Tommy and Cassy brought me to Little Tokyo for shopping, you can buy anything here, there is also huge Japanese supermarket. Even there were old (maybe they are not that old…like me) collecting money as volatile. It’s kind of thing suddenly you doubt yourself where you are now? In the night, I cooked foods for all LA Metaphysical Sound Carriers.

Nice to see all of them since all these years…finally I got work permits and work visa after all these years. I was almost forgetting about my gout story. Gout is horrible pain on foot bones and such a pain, sometimes you like to cut off own foot away from pain. It was sickness for rich man, people say. Then why I? It comes also from alcohol…When you are forgetting something it’s comes suddenly unexpected. I may stop drink alcohol….no, no I’m not such heavy drinker, just I drink a bit…I mean measurement of people thoughts is no limit and difference.

This happened before performance begun. I was tired and unconscious, sitting at merchandising. Sound Check has done without Chris who was lost in traffic jam. Now I feel slowly that I’m getting Gout again… It’s horrible, if this happens in during tour. I have to go to San Diego…then long journey to UK for ATP festival… I was sleeping at merchandising and suddenly a young girl from audience waked up me…You should wake up and go onto the stage….

Was nice concert…but, that pain and if I think I have to live together with this for a couple of weeks…it’s horror movie. Next day I stayed at Tommy’s home, it’s not easy to move…. And an another next day, Tommy and Michael took me to pier Venice Beach for fishing. Tommy remind this pier is longest in California even he means longest in US…. Anyway I had to walk this long pier with that’s nuts pain. Way was so long, yes, very long. But, just sitting it may OK…..We’re expecting tonight we can eat enough fishes. Hope is hope..reality came sometimes just opposite, like comic.

After one and half hour to meet first fish, coast security guards told us we have to move quick as possible from this pier, they’re waiting big wave and it will be very dangerous. So, we had to go back no fish in basket…..on the way back we went to organic department store and bought (fresh) fish…Anyway we enjoyed fish!!!!

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