April 29 2007 (Sunday) UK Aberdeen Triptych Festival @ the Tunnels

Damo Suzuki with Hen Beverly (Bass Epex), Mike Napier (Guitar), Andy Smith (Electronics), Jim Wilkie (Guitar) plus special guests: Mathew Black (Drums), Ray Dower (Bass), Dan Hadden (Saxophone) and Shingai Shoniwa (Bass)

This was longest stretch on this short 5 days trip to UK. From Leicester to Aberdeen took altogether 8 hours, two times change train..at York and Edinburgh. Train ride in Scotland is really nice. I have been this stretch between Edinburgh and Aberdeen for a couple of times. It’s beautiful part of travel and never bored feeling like back home.

You can see sea direct right hand, left hand you can see green hills or rocks and sheep…. also there was some golf places…this is typical landscape in this part of Scotland. Andy, one of sound carrier tonight, picked me up from railway station which is just a few block from the venue, Tunnel. It’s nice venue in small-but-very-amazing -city Aberdeen. Aberdeen has some charm. 2 years before I was here I saw thousands of seagulls on street at early in the morning…nobody was on the street. And this granit houses and wet street and dump.. in twilight ……It still keeps in my brain photo.

Hen is my friend and organized already three shows in Aberdeen and he performed also that much. He was really happy to see me and he push me (as friendly gesture) my body whole of the evening as he is not still believe I am here instead my ghost are here. WE didn’t see each other for 2 years–My gray hair made me a bit stranger? This was part of Tryptich Festival like last Wednesday in Glasgow. Performed together with some old faces from Aberdeen and spacial four guests. Three basses!!!…No, it’s OK…there are nothing I really surprise more..I performed with 8 guitarists, with 4 laptops, with DJ, etc…etc….Shingai is very cute female bassist, she normally is front singer/base of hard working Noisettes. (Around 2 weeks later on May 13, they performed here in Cologne. we went there to see them performing. we liked it.) She have so beautiful smile on her face anytime…it’s nice.

I arrived there near to 7PM, so I had no opportunity to check sound. Every sound carriers of the night were quite confused from sound check…some of them told me. But, performance seems be far better than they expected from sound check. Anyway I have to wake early around 5AM to get train to Edinburgh then to airport. Even there was hotel room reserved I didn’t go to hotel, instead I, Mathew and Sihngai went to Hens apartment and listen my music from Purcell room on April 2nd. They liked it.. Now time to go, Taxi waiting outside door…..

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