April 26 2007 (Thursday) UK Sheffield Nether Edge Club

1st Set: Damo Suzuki with The Gated Community:Mick Beck (Tenor Sax, Bassoon), Geoff Bright (Tenor Sax, Voice), Neil Carver (Electronic Effects), Charlie Collins (Vibes,Percussion), Anders Cox (Electric Bass), Karl D’Silva (Clarinet, Alto Sax), John Jasnoch (Plucked Strings), Tywi Roberts (Electric Guitar), Angie Rosenfeld (Cello), Derek Saw (Tuba,Brass), Paul Schatzberger(Accordian), Beatrix Ward Fernandez (Violin, Castanets) and Ben Woodrow (Electric Guitar) 2nd Set: Damo Suzuki with The Tajalli Vortex : Jonny Drury (Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Clarinet, Vocals), Matt Harling (Tenor, Soprano Saxes, Tajallifone), Glynn Heppenstall (Keyboards, Synths, Violin) and Dan Sumption (Bass Guitar, Noises)

Just I performed here in Sheffield 5 months ago and come back again. There are many experimental sound carriers in the city. Organiser Jonny arranged last my performance here also. Train ride from Glasgow took a quite a lot around 7 hours change train at Dancaster. So, naturally I had to wake up early. But, I can relax in train.

Train is most comfortable way to travel and I like most. You can move and much space, no security check, no seat belt…people changes.The venue is small without stage without PA. And many sound carriers share to 2 sets….oh, yes then 2 pieces hot meals. Now a days I perform 1 set 1 piece..which is normally 1 hour to two and half. You know I’m not that interesting to make music. I like to create energy to share. This is an experience for every body in that room.

So, small place like here to perform we have much contact to audience.It was full of sound carriers and friends. So, we are kind of unit all together in same time in same room and this experience. Matt who performed 2nd set developed Tajalifone, made by himself. it’s monster instrument as the owner/player he is over 2 meter high.

Many smiles in the room. I will come back to Sheffield again November..a couple of days later I’ve got offer from Jonny again. Improviser scene is getting bigger here ….we will see what will be happen.

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