April 2 2007 (Monday) UK London @ Purcell Room

Damo Suzuki Elysian Quartet: Jenny Logan (Violin), Laura Moody (Cello) Vincent Sipprell (Viola) and Emma Smith (Violin) 2nd Set will be joined by Adem Ilhan (Assorted Random Instruments) and John Paul Gandy (Piano)

Gerald picked up me from Paddington station we found us difficult find each other, each of us were there exactly at appointment time, but took 30 minutes to find ourself we stands on misunderstanding. Then after went directly to the venue across Themes …

On time table stands sound check between 2PM to 6PM. This is classic music venue and part of Royal Elizabeth Hall. Today’s menu is acoustic based music with classical musicians. Organic food on dish. Sometimes really nice to perform at concert hall like this. This is built as concert hall so, naturally sounds are great, people works here are very keen on what they do and positive way they’re very professional.

To work with classic music stadied artist is different, they are serious…no mistake is allowed (I felt them while waiting for sound check, at sound check and also after the performance). But, positive thing in them is they have wide perspective in sound making. So, you can create far father much into space and time..into nature….A couple of days later I heard recording of this concert (and this sounds amazing) …..

Elysian quartet performed far well also they took vocal parts (sound really nice) ..there are many cool parts…. Adem and John Paul joined 2nd sets. Both guys are also fantastic. Gerlad who organised this show was really happy that music went far well…so as he had this idea I and classical musician perform together. I am listener of classical music (Favorite : Mainly Russian classical music from first half of 20th century) and this with my love to music for many years. So, it was really nice welcomed change perform with classical sound carriers.

After show I met Jono and Sandra (Sometimes she sit on my knee when she was baby, I don’t know if she can remember) brought daughter Lara, told me she would like to sing with me one day…So, I have to live much longer and do this one day. Also an Italian young opera singer Maya introduced me herself and we talked much about music…we felt really familiar…

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