19.05.2019 Mexico City, Mexico: Teatro Lúcido

CityMexico City
VenueTeatro Lúcido
AgeAll ages
Name of Event/Festival-

Sound Carriers

BANDA LUCIDA (musicos de Twin Tones, Los Cogelones, Santa Sabina…) Y DAMO SUZUKI’S NETWORK:
Luis Israel Martinez Martínez (Twin Tones): bass, Jorge Fabian Alderete (Twin Tones): theremin + live drawing, Gabriel Alejandro López Flores (Twin Tones): guitar + softwares of prehispanic instruments, Enrique Casasola Castillo (Twin Tones): drums + percussions + speak and apell, Alberto Sandoval Garcia (Los Cogelones): prehispanic instruments, Victor Sandoval Garcia (Los Cogelones): guitar / prehispanic percussion /prehispanic flute, Lucio de los Santos (Twin Tones): traversal flutes, Pablo Valero (Santa Sabina): guitar


Photos by David Barajas

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