17.11.2006 Sheffield, UK: The Boardwalk

VenueThe Boardwalk
AgeAll Ages
Name of Event/Festival-

Sound Carriers

1st Set: Damo Suzuki with Martin Archer (Sopranino Sax, Bass Clarinet, Bass Recorder), Johnny Dinsdale (Guitar), Steve Dinsdale (Drums) and Duncan Goddard (Bass); 2nd Set: Hotsnack: Heather Ditch (Vocals, Flute, Perx, Woodwind), Brian Frederic Ellis (Guitars, Keys, Vox, Woodwind), Paul Fletcher (Drums, Perx, Keys), Timothy ‘Chopper’ Hayes (Bass, Keys, Perx, Woodwind) and Mark Rimmer (Guitars, Keys, Perx, Woodwind); 2nd half joined by Damo Suzuki and Martin Archer (Sopranino Sax, Bass Clarinet, Bass Recorder)

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