17.03.2013 Sheffield, UK: Bar Abbey

VenueBar Abbey
AgeAll Ages
Name of Event/Festival-

Sound Carriers

Damo Suzuki with Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere: Martin Archer (Organ), Chris Bywater (Organ, Synthesizers, Laptop), Steve Dinsdale (Drums, Percussion), Walt Shaw (Percussion, Electronics) and Terry Todd (Bass Guitar) and Juxtavoices: (All Vocal) Julie Archer, Martin Archer, Jon Ashe, David Bartholomew, Ian Baxter, Mick Beck, Nathan Bettany, Geoff Bright, Clinton Chaloner, Laura Cole, Julie Cole, Emma Cooper, Paul Coupe, Jonathan Curley, Edward Eggleston, Sharon Gill, Alan Halsey, Sarah Henderson, Lyn Hodnet, Ellie Johnson, Christine Kennedy, Bo Meson, Tamar Millen, Geraldine Monk, Rick Moran, Carol Passingham, Tim Plant, Mike Reid, Marion Rout, Wolfgang Seel, Mary Sewell, Walt Shaw, Jan Todd, Jane Tormey, Caroline Veal, Peter Veal, Linda Lee Welch, Helen White and Gill Whiteley

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