11.09.2009 Newcastle, UK: The Star And Shadow Cinema

VenueThe Star And Shadow Cinema
AgeAll Ages
Name of Event/Festival-

Sound Carriers

Damo Suzuki with Christian Alderson (Drums), Oscar Ruiz Fernandez ( Bass and Laptop), Robin (Laptop, Keyboard for virual intruments including , Brass , Strings, Guitars, Synths etc, Pad-Trigger Sampler and Effects Manipulation, Roland SP404 and Korg Kaos Pad, Roland Handsonic for percussive sounds. A selection of small ethnic instruments including Kalimbas, Flutes, Bagpipe Chanters, Shawms, Jaws Harps, Rattles and Shakers etc. All these sound sources will be treated and manipulated through digital effects), and Mark Spybey (Laptop)

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