09.10.2010 Okinawa (Koza), Japan: Rock Theater

CityOkinawa (Koza)
VenueRock Theater
AgeAll ages
Name of Event/Festival-

Sound Carriers

1st Set: Damo Suzuki with Utyu Tamago: Hana (Vocal, Performance), Hikaru Kudaka (Guitar, Vocal), Youichi Mazikina (Bass), Takeaki Nakamine (Drums), Yousuku Oogimi (Guitar) and Tsukasa Sueyoshi (Guitar) / 2nd Set: Damo Suzuki with Ichihara Takeshi (Guitar), Kurato( Guitar), Oomine Akito (Bass) and Ueda Zyaka (Drums) / 3rd Set: Damo Suzuki with Don Kubota (Bass), Hhiroto (Drums) and Namihei Yuuta (Guitar)

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