09.03.2004 Liverpool, UK: Magnet

AgeAll Ages
Name of Event/Festival-

Sound Carriers

SOUNDCLASH presents: Damo Suzuki with Scott Russell (Guitar), Ross Charnock (Guitar), Tom Sumnall (Bass), James Pagella (Drums), Domino Nagasaki (Drums, Percussion, Melodica), Harry Sumnall (Electronics: Laptop, Q-Chord, Kaos Pad; Percussion: Tampura; Electric Sitar), Phil Lucking (Trumpet, Bass Trumpet, Strange Eastern Reeded Instrument), Ray Moonshake (Tenor, Alto & Baritone Saxes, Flute), Lucy Baines (Saxes, Recorders) Hannah Baines (Trumpet, Recorders), Sam Minnear (Drums, Percussion, Sir DJ Feva (Decks, Sampler), Matt Jones (Bass), Lucy Bassett (Keyboard, Harmonium), Jek Nachtanoj (Guitar), Erotic Volvo (Beatboxing, Dancing) and Grandmaster Gareth (Theremin, Melodica, Toys) From the bands The Big Wheels, Zukanican and Misty’s Big Adventure

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