07.09.2011 Tokyo, Japan: Next Sunday

VenueNext Sunday
AgeAll Ages
Name of Event/Festival-

Sound Carriers

1st Set ) Turn On!
Damo Suzuki with Takahiro Inoue (Guitar)、Jetsonic (Turn Tables) and More…
2nd Set ) Experiment in !
Damo Suzuki with Kouhei Harada (Guitar, MaxMSP), Jiei (VJ), Yoshihiro Kikuchi (Drums), Hisashi Matsumoto (Live Painting), Hirokazu Mori (Percussion, Noise), TADASUKE (Strange Instruments, Noise), Jun Takami (Guitar, Noise) and Tetsuro Yasunaga (A. Synthe)
3rd Set ) Rock Out!
Damo Suzuki with dbqp(VJ), Iwamotor (Drums), Rie Miyazaki (Bass), SAWADA (Drums) and Go Tsushima (Guitar)

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