02.04.2006 Sheffield, UK: The Corporation

VenueThe Corporation
AgeAll Ages
Name of Event/Festival-

Sound Carriers

1st Set: Damo Suzuki with Martin Archer (Sopranino Sax, Bass Clarinet, Bass Recorder), Chris Boyd (Drums) and Stereo Walk Experiment (Guitars, Electronics) 2nd Set: Damo Suzuki with Charlie (Vibes and Kalimbas), Heather (Vocals, Flute, Percussion), Jerome (Guitar, Percussion), Mark (Guitar, Percussion), Paul (Drums, Percussion) and Tim (Bass, Pecussion) 3rd Set: Damo Suzuki with Chris Corsano (Drums), Mick Beck (Bassoon, Tenor Saxophone), Chora: Ben (Violin, Sampler, Tapes, Keyboard, Electronics), Rob (Guitar, Assorted Electronics) and Inecto School: Andrew (Trumpet, Electronics), Dom (Clarinet, Electronics, Bells), Harry (Guitar), Lee (Double Bass)

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