November 13 2015 (Friday) 

I’m an enthusiastic football fan, but not really for national team. Even so, I watched at France against Germany at Stade de France through TV live. Around 16 minutes later, first explosion, then after two times.

Halftime French president and clew went out, never come back. What’s happened? In 2nd half moderator of the sport program informed, there were shooting in the city and 18 person died. When game is over (actually, nobody was interested result) visitor run to pitch. Already this time, I knew there was terrorist attack 4, 5 different spots in Paris.

I didn’t continue to see the sport program, changed to News Channel to be informed much information until 3 in the morning I was researching, no I couldn’t Stop to research even through TV, I experienced real time. I felt like 911 and 311, there was some ugly energy going on. More worse when I heard many music lovers are victims of terrorist attack at Bataclan where I performed March 1973. This was a really horror night.

Next day, November 14 2016 (Saturday) late morning, as usual, I did walking. But, this day was very strange. What last night happened was everybody’s talk in town. Many people‚re shocked and seems boneless. During walking, I took the path I never been before. Full of leaves on the path, probably nobody took walk here for many days, even weeks. Leaves on the path was partly my knee high. It’s nice to step on leaves nobody step on it before, it makes fresh crack sound and it’ in Autumn.

After while I step on old roots or something invisible under those leaves , suddenly I fall down. This few seconds of the moment, I fall down was minute long even it was slow motion and I didn’t see myself from my perspective, instead perspective from 3rd person somewhere watching me falling down. Do you got it? I saw myself falling from someone else’s perspective. Even I stand after was very easy like somebody was helping me.

You know I’ve two artificial outputs on my stomach and I’ve no stomach muscle. I, instinctively thought need someone to help me. Normally when I fall down like this it takes me minutes to stand up. I remember once I had strange experience like this in Japan not long ago. We went to Onsen (hot spring) at Izu Peninsula. We walked around 2 hours, we thought. Watch at my pocket watch we’re walking only 20 minutes. But, we felt walking for long, but it wasn’t. It may some spots in this world time is ticking different way?

Anyway it was strange experience today.

November 1st 2015 (Sunday)

Photo session with a photographer from Kazakhstan for “Musik Express” He has some project beside photo, filming and music.

I want go to Central Asia one day, I’d always interest in that area. Also, Siberia is interesting after around 50 years.

We had good talk together. I’m living quite same everyday, walking in morning, from 15:00 care services come and put me artificial liquid food, then 7 hours I’m kind of “chained” I’m not mobile, have to stay at home.

Don’t worry! I’ve anything to do always, also I read books, at evening I’ve daily cinema evening. Sometimes friend visit me. Also I’m fascinating soccer fan, I’m supporting three teams (Dortmund, Freiburg and Liverpool).

So, I don’t get bored. Important thing is somehow I make creative adventure, well….I see what I’ll do….

October 23rd 2015 (Friday)

Two guys from German music paper “Musik Express” appeared for appointment make interview what Damo is doing nowadays.

We took walk through the park, was wonderful harvest day, sitting at a pond, swan family was enjoying sun in the pond, dried leaves swims on water surface.

October 21 2015 (Wednesday)

Japanese band “Piqnic” visited me during their 1st Europe tour from Berlin. I know the road manager Yasuda who lived in London, UK for 8 years, he arranged me some performances among them UK tour with Mandog.

Piqnic is from Hamamatsu, here you can see their show at their home town. Hamamatsu is “music city”, but only manufacture sense.

Yamaha, Kawai, Suzuki… Music instrument of many kind producing this city. The band was pretty young age between 22 to 24.

Their Driver is from Wales. I served him Welsh Whisky. All together 6 people, they a parted to 2 group to stay 2 different places I’d arrange.

October 14/15 2015 (Wednesday/Thursday)

Same time as Keiichi stayed here, Michelle and Ned from Huddersfield/Hebden Bridge, England was here for shooting Michelle’s documentary „Energy!“ which is I’m involved.

Michelle made a website for this documentation. She made documentary “Mr.Somebody”.  It’s their 2nd visit after Beginning of August.

They’ll come again in December or January, Michelle plans. Ned will move to Arizona, USA his family moved there and waiting for him.

October 13th 2015 (Tuesday)

My sound carrier friend Mandog (Keiichi) and his wife supposed to visit me already on Sunday, he totally missed the day until I call Mani (drummer of Guru Guru) he didn’t realize on Sunday we had an appointment even he had already train ticket Heidelberg-Cologne on that day.

So, he visited me 2 days later as they had also train ticket booked already for Cologne – Brussels next day.

Mani and Mandog (Keiichi) performed 2 concerts in Germany, one in Offenbach and one in Heidelberg, you might saw them playing together.

October 10th 2015 (Saturday)

I’ve a (classical) pianist/singer cousin in Roma, married to an Italian violinist, they have two adult children, one of them, son study an aerospace science, he came to concerts in Rome.

First time I met him in Rom at my performance, he introduced me himself saying that he’s part of Suzuki family, I was really surprised not only from his excellent Japanese even he looks much Italian also mentality.

But, I’d never see his sister until middle of October. She is a flamenco dancer and performing near Cologne, therefore parents, my cousin visited me with their daughter one afternoon.

I found her flamenco dancing in YouTube. It’s sound quite funny, Italian/Japanese daughter is a flamenco dancer in Seville, Spain.

October 4th 2015 (Sunday)

I had an appointment with Jan Werner (Berlin) of Mouse on Mars, paint some LP covers for special edition for members of Alteiburg Museum, Mönchengladbach, Germany where we’ve done sound installations (this is LP how LP about) at Sigmar Polke’s Exhibition in March this year (I reported).

Jan is busy guy, following days went for performances to Russia and Japan.