I inform you of Filmmaker Michelle Heighway launches crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo to complete documentary.
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„Since 2014 director Michelle Heighway has been working on a feature film focusing on the life and career of former Can lead vocalist Damo Suzuki.
The film, called Energy, follows Suzuki as he confronts colon cancer and tries to continue to perform live with all of his shows now made up entirely of compositions improvised there and then.

Energy looks over Suzuki’s past career, as well as the present and future of his creative streak. It also offers a poignant look into Suzuki’s cancer treatment as he is cared for by his partner Elke Morsbach.

“The documentary is a wonderful story of hope,” says director Michelle Heighway. “It’s a personal portrait of the life and times of a nomad, poet and enigmatic singer on an incredible journey.”

Energy is now crowdfunding over on Indiegogo in order to raise money for its completion, with a planned release date of December next year.“

Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet

Damo Suzuki, former lead vocalist for the massively influential krautrock band Can, has famously retired from studio recording. However, he continues to perform live concerts made up solely of compositions improvised entirely on the spot. These bold and fearless performances have enthralled audiences around the globe and brought new found attention to Suzuki’s incredible talent. Purple Pyramid Records is proud to present a new chapter in Suzuki’s ongoing musical explorations, a stunning collaboration with a German quartet of Can neophytes, going by the very Can-esque name of Jelly Planet. After performing live with Damo, the band was able to coax the singer into their studio for a fully improvised full length recording. Unlike previous Suzuki recordings, the studio setting gave the performers full control over every aspect of the recording ensuring that every nuance, inflection, and dynamic could be heard. The result is an album of incredible sonic quality and an authentically mind-blowing exploration into the outer edges of space rock! The self-titled album, Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet, will be available on CD, vinyl (as a double LP set) and in digital formats starting February 2.

Track List:
1. Wildschweinbraten (27:59)
2. Venushügel (34:51)

Buy the CD:
Buy the 2LP set:
Buy the Digital version:

A review:

Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet – Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet (CD, Purple Pyramid, Improvisation/progressive)
Although he has been involved with numerous projects over the course of his lengthy career, Damo Suzuki (whose real name is Kenji Suzuki) remains primarily known as the lead singer for the German experimental band Can from 1970 to 1973. The band’s impact has grown considerably over the years which is interesting because when Can was in existence they were relatively obscure in the big scheme of things. Damo has retired from the world of studio recording, but he continues to play live concerts. As such, this is an important release because–after playing live with Suzuki–the guys in the band Jelly Planet were able to entice him into a studio to record these two lengthy tracks. These completely spontaneous recordings are interesting and intriguing on a variety of levels. Suzuki’s vocal work is miraculous in many ways. Unlike some who sound like they’re making stuff up on the spot, his unintelligible improvised vocal work sounds very much like it was created in advance and rehearsed (?!!). The man has an incredible knack for making the abstract seem very concrete and real. Jelly Planet provides the perfect foundation for Damo’s vocal stylings. The band is comprised of Felix A. Gutierrez on bass, Stephan Hendricks on keyboards, Jens Kuchenthal on drums, and Alexander Schonert on guitar. Recorded by Guido Lucas at Blubox Studio in Germany in 2005, these tracks are bound to please Can fans and just about anyone who loves cool and credible improvisational music. A wild ride from start to finish.

November 18 2017 (Saturday) Italy, Torino @ Magazzino Sul Po

Damo Suzuki with Stearica : Francesco Carlucci (Guitar, Electronics), Davide Compagnoni (Drums,Electronics), Luca Paiardi (Bass) and Guests Scott McCloud (Voice, Guitar), Franz Goria (Voice)

Early morning flight kept me whole day tired.
Better try not make like this anymore.
Wake up at 3:00am, I need long preparation time( ha,) not for make up! I have to take regular medicines, average they effects me around 2 hours after took medicines.
Therefore I had to wake up early get ready from home around 5:00 am.
To airport takes around 20 minutes at traffic situation like this morning…early Saturday morning, not many traffic.

This time I booked flight only with a hand baggage, just short stay for one night, I don’t bring any merchandising, it’s Stearica’s 20 years anniversary. If I bring them it sound strange, I feel.
Stearica and I had a short tour a couple of years ago so we knew each other. All these stories may appear later in our conversation. They arranged an apartment at silent area of Torino near to Po, the river flow through the city.

The venue is opposite river another part of city, busy also attractive spot for locals and tourists. Nice to see friends again. Everybody of the trio looks fine. This is first time the trio and I perform with guest sound carrier. After sound check we had dinner together at restaurant , just few minutes to walk at old square, foods are off course Italian (I guess as far as I remember I never had anything else while I’m in Italy, did !?). While ago I tasted first time Bagna Cauda in Japan, since then I wanted to try this at its origin. It’s warm sauce with anchovy, garlic and olive oil, dip fresh vegetable in this sauce. It’s yummy good start. Unfortunately this was sold out, I have to come next day.

This prefecture Piemont is famous for gourmet. Plenty of pastas and truffles. I was whole day thinking about Baga Cauda, so disappointment is huge, you know, with empty feeling I ordered … sound a bit of junk food …Fritto Misto Alle Pigmontese, another famous dish in Piemont. Fried food is almost everybody’s taste, I’m sure. Chocolate and Schnitzel, everybody likes all over the world, if they ever tried.

Next day, a very beautiful morning.
I sat at the café just few steps down from my apartment.
Still performance last night is not left yet in my brain.
Espresso and 2 x chocolate croissants helped me well (my standard breakfast while on the road).The guy in café work hard, he is alone at work in this wonderful Sunday morning, he has table on the street too, he is serving alone, still he keeps smiles. It’s kind of Italian atmosphere here.
Last night Luca drove me back to my apartment.
And he will pick me up bring to Airport in Milan.
Luca, the bass player of Stearica, is disable and action radius on roll chair.
He is a strong person still even his handicap not only working at architect office or plays bass, he is an extreme sport man. He has a project with other disable friend to explore the world with extreme sport. Here is his website of the project.

It’s really nice, he may help to be strong for people with handicap.
once I had experienced, many roll chair music fans are at a concert with Starica and I done few years ago, all these people in roll chair were excite and glad to see Luca on the stage. They had brightly eyes.
On the way to the airport he was exciting tell me of his experience and I was amused to listen to his motivating stories.
He drove safely to Airport.

It’s really nice, he may help to be strong for people with handicap.
once I had experienced, many roll chair music fans are at a concert with Starica and I done few years ago, all these people in roll chair were excite and glad to see Luca on the stage. They had brightly eyes.
On the way to the airport he was exciting tell me of his experience and I was amused to listen to his motivating stories.
He drove safely to Airport.

October 13 2017 (Friday) Italy, Milano @ Plazzo Litta

Damo Suzuki with Giovanni Ferraio (Bass), Andrea Belfi (Drums), Enrico Gabrielli (Flute, Sax) and Alessandro “Asso” Stefana (Guitar),_Milan

Milano is the city I performed mainly in Italy and still I don’t know much about the city. This performance was a part of Yokohama Festival, its organiser Giuseppe contacted me as my origin is same prefecture as Yokohama, a capital city of Kanagawa. I have few good friends, we planed to stay one more extra day. We’re picked up by elegant high HP limousine to the hotel middle of the city. The venue is just 50m, just opposite street, we can see from our hotel room. As I told I had been here for many times, but I never tried Risotto Milanese. At lunch time we went near by, there’s many restaurants and café at this area, we went to small restaurant on busy street where guests inside is communicative and in good mood. (This is trust able choice in general to find good restaurant.), We took seat on street. Risotto Milanese was just from my expectation, exactly in point. I like Risotto, so I used to make Risotto quite often. Milano is famous mode capital, it’s good for window shopping and we explore off course.

The venue is a fantastic baroque building from 17th century, didn’t open to public since few decades. For concert, it’s first time with this Yokohama festival. 2nd floor is an exhibition space, showing Japanese art prints due to the festival, in courtyard, sheats are prepared for open air concert tonight. Some sound carriers use to perform with P.J.Harvey, my old sound Carrier friend Enrico reported about his recent Japan trip, had heard only positive impressed. Mainly Italian people has interest in Japanese eatery. Similar get best taste from material simply. He was exciting to tell me of what recently he is doing beside spend his talent for musically activity, getting success as a SF writer.

I told him, for SF, as a writer you don’t have to research, everything is fantasy, don’t matter if it’s exists or not, you can write freely, this is good thing. You can go just any kind of direction.
Nothing is wrong from sight of writer. He nicked with shy smile.
The show tonight begun with “Never Ending”, a documentary film by Francesco di Loreto at the space beside the exhibition room at 2nd floor. 2 acts : Performance was just swinging in the air under night sky with stars in courtyard, even in October at this time, still not uncomfortable to sit outside and aumse live composition, if I was in one of visitor I thought like this..
As for appointment, next day lunch, we meet up with Xabier with his new fiance and his pretty daughter Viola, (I know her since her birth almost. She is now seven) and Francesco and a young lady, speaks German at Italian Restaurant off side street.

Dishes are not worth to talk, I guess everybody thought same as we all were prety quiet. (After we fund the Chief wasn’t Italian, by the way)

October 1 2017 (Sunday) India @ Ziro Festival of Music

Damo Suzuki with The Holyhead Hunters : Shiv Ahuja (Synthesizer), Tony Guinard (Bass), Anup Kutty (Guitar) and Paul Schneiter (Drums)

This is THE longest trip I ever done for just one appearance.
It took 2 days and half ONE WAY…(Loud) TWO DAYS AND HALF, ONEWAY! You know, most far place from Germany by flight is New Zealand, if you have luck you can reach in 24 hours with one stop.
Let’s start from very beginning of contact how this arrangement came to stand.
One day, one of the organiser Anup contacted me, I guess when I was still in hospital.
Surely you get seldom feeling when you get an offer like this…..festival in Himalaya!?
I have no idea how is music situation there, do they know my musical adventure that I’m doing now?
First thing I said him was I wouldn’t sleep in tent. No, no!
It’s not matter of my illness, I’m not found of camping, I’ve not good experience, once strong wind rain blew our tent away when my kids are small, we were having summer holiday. Also if you get older you’re not ready for such an adventure (anyway my case), it may no interest or the body condition won’t allow.
Open Air Festival?
These questions are not stronger than my curiosity, just simply… “Himalaya” sound interesting for my ear.
I’d never been at this part of the world. Even I had heavy surgery or not, to visit new place brings me longing. I’m a self-accepted bohemian, you know. I cannot stop to move.
So, my answer to Anup was just 3 letters. Y.E.S! Followed by loud I COOOOOME!

Since this offer came, I again opened my curiosity habit.
A kind of adventure, I didn’t for really long time.
Surely there is risk after long illness and a lots of surgeries.
Therefore I won’t travel alone now a days when Elke cannot make it I ask someone at my family circle and my friend circle.
Anup promised me he’ll find someone attend me from Delhi Airport, all festival days and attend me back to Delhi Airport.
But, train ride from Cologne to Frankfurt how I can manage? It’s strange coincidence, two days before departure from Germany, Vero, a nice young lady from Berlin called me up, saying she is intend to visit Cologne and stay between September 26 to 28, she wants to visit me. I explained her, it’s absolutely not possible to meet up as same day of her arrival I fly to India. “ You can attend me to Frankfurt Airport..” I wasn’t expecting she’ll come, she is a spontaneous girl, she has interest to come and bring me to the airport beside she was saying, she has a special train ticket for four days, and she has no plan at all. She likes Cologne, she just like to be here, instead stay all time in Berlin. You know you need sometimes fresh air, escape from daily regular life. So, she came along with me, even it takes only 50 minutes, we have many stories to share, we didn’t see us together probably 5 odds years.

Even my flight departure time to Delhi was at 21:20, I like to be at airport far early enough as I cannot trust Deutsche Bahn (German Rail). It’s necessary to arrange like this, I have a lots of problems with DB, never come in time, (if you have direct train, problem is rather less, but if you have to change two times onward you meet trouble with connecting train, I have so much stories I can tell. On it, I guess DB shamefully offer most expensive train price in Europe, and bad service, especially in holiday seasons or busy time, toilet is messing, etc. Heigh price value doesn’t bring better quality.
So, at airport we had enough time, take snacks and cups of espresso, thanks to untreatable train company.
The flight was full booked, left no special wish for me. My seat was middle that is most uncomfortable seat you know that. With my illness side effect problem with dejection problem, better to sit aisle seat…. Anyway I’ll have many problems on this trip for sure. For pain I have to take a strong medicine that makes me “stoned” for 8 hours plus an another strong medicine for dejection. Both products are product of Opium, now you know how it is. Therefore I had to prepare papers that is written to bring those DRUGS signed by my doctor, (Fortunately this wasn’t necessary, they didn’t control at Indian side immigration at all.)

After 8 and half hours in air arrived in New Delhi.
Anup kindly, arranged me a day hotel at airport where I rest and relax until next action, quiet room with shower. I was totally SLEEEEEPY. First I did there is to get information of Champions league during my flight, unfortunately my team…Dortmund lost game at home against Real Madrid.
At this point I spoke with two people since enter India, at immigration and a receptionist of this hotel, both are quite difficult to understand they had strong Indian accent.
I don’t know how long I slept, I had to wake up, telephone is ringing, the voice from phone is saying something, didn’t understand well, I was half sleep and the voice was with strong Indian accent. (I have to use to it.) She was saying something like: someone will pick me up in 3 or four hours, I have to meet her out of entrance sign, terminal 6 or somewhere. At this moment it doesn’t matter, not my brain need rest, just all my body anyway I have to get out here in 5 hours, then I’ll see what happen.
If someone wake me up in middle of sleep, back to sleep again is not easy thing and fight try to sleep is not best way, you get more awake.
After 4 hours, finally clearness, the answer what voice on phone said in middle of sleep, a young girl named Shreya came at almost same time as phone voice mentioned.

I don’t know other airport in India, here this international airport only passenger can enter to terminal building, at entrance you can see many police (or military), some of them with machine gun, controlling document of booking, so family, friends are not allowed to enter terminal building. Therefore terminal building is astonishing silence.
Took taxi from Terminal 3 (international) to 1 (local), there we met Jonny, a solo artist from Brighton who will also perform at the festival. He was telling me of hard travelling once, performing in Brisbane, Australia for a show and come back to UK.
Next flight to Guwahati took 2 and half hours.
At this Assam’s capitol city, we met a band from Israel. Life is always full of surprise. Manager of the band knew Dor from Tree, “yeah, I know him he is my friend” you may remember I was in Tel Aviv performed with Dor’s band (even we made live CD of that night together later on) few years ago. The Manager took selfie and sent to Dor, he answered prompt with many compliments, whishing me healing, you know, you can’t imagine how small is the world.
It’s very hot here, must be more than 35°C, also with high humidity.
The airport to train station took quite long, one taxi with all luggage, other three taxis with all staffs.
The city reminds me of just any spots in Southeast Asia, many people on the street, many shops under dull light of low power bulbs.
Night train schedule, departure at 20:00, we had plenty of time, all musicians cme tgether in a busy restaurant for hanging around. I accompanied some of passengers, went for walk near by, better than hanging around, quite often asked by very young skinny kids for money. Someone explained me, don’t give them money, they won’t buy foods, even they’re small but taking drugs, cheap bad quality ones that totally damage brain and health.

You can see directly life of poorest of poor people life here.
Shreya, has responsibility to bring musicians and stuff to the festival, was quite nerves all the time as the band from Nepal didn’t show up until this point and delayed. When they show up late in the day, she became free from her pressure, she is just glad. Kathmandu to Ziro, they took 2 and half days, same as me. I can imagine mountain roads, less official traffic connections, hey, it’s middle of Himalaya they’re come from.
Night train from Guwahati to Naharlagun.
Probably almost all passenger is going to the festival.
No places free, all cabin is for 4 people, later change to 4 beds, also on alies space to sit also become beds.
Strangely, some people know me (I never thought somebody know me here) and talk with me. One came from Bangalore around 3,200km far from Ziro. India is so huge. It’s incredible not just travelling km. Visitors must have time and a bit of pocket money even they make camping. Surely some of them took long path.

I never had good sleep in night train, you cannot see anything, out side endless darkness continuing, quite baring cinema, occasionally stop at spots I never heard of and I never will hear.
It’s not comfortable at all, I’m too old for this kind of life and I’ve not very best condition after my surgeries, even I’m forgetting meaning of „condition“.
From time to time, close my eyes, flash back from last few years, stand up for loo, speak with long-term waker.
Arrive at Naharlagun early morning 5:00.
Time seems to be counting here difference, I felt already 10:00 or similar. I once this kind of experience, while ago at Izu peninsula in Japan. Elke and I walked 2 hours….we thought …. real trial time length was just only 20 minutes! It may possible some spot in this world has different time sequence, it’s very difficult to understand… Izu experience was s intense with time. Anyway whole at ZFOM (Ziro Festival Of Music), time went so strange..from nature surrounding.
Here are feet of Himalaya, Federal State Arunachal Paradesh, a sensible part of India-China conflict.

At the station identity control, sure I need visa that was prepared by festival organiser, even Indian people must have visa if he is not citizen at this part here. So feeling like visiting another country.
Immigration took quite long, I’m so tired and sleepy, and length of time is too longer than of normal. Morning light is biting my eyes. Morning breeze is very welcome solution, before heat and humid attack next to appear.
Now we take last stage to Destination….Ziro, very adventurous trail. We were separated to few jeeps.
At first layover, morning coffee and bread at standing bar, it was more than necessary.

Right side of car is deep cliff, but deep…, mountain road is terrible condition, some spot not easy to pass due to fresh landslide. Jeep hopping likes a lonely small ship on angry ocean that seems to sink. Holes on path filled up with rainwater, the driver choose on seems-too-be-safe part. Passenger moves left to right, up to down, you know condition of the mountain road is horrible, especially with fresh prepared stomach like mine. Narrow mountain road, must much attention to opposite traffic. Only good thing is we have a jeep with the driver who has experience enough for this situation/condition of road.
First plan was, go to the festival directly at 10:00 for breakfast, anyway it’s already getting almost to noon. And I was not able to communicate with people, I was too tired after all long trip. We went to our accommodation directly. I like to have additional sleep, if not just rest. We, Johnny from Brighton and Kathmandu Killers stay at a modern house (if you compare with other houses here) of former singer Sofia. (Later on she showed us her album performed with her husband very proudly). The house has many rooms and some housekeepers are working. It’s in middle of rice field. Just opposite we can see the festival ground, it’s 2km front. Sofia took us showed us rooms, she offer, we can take whichever we like. I took one with a large space with bathroom. Window parts are open (Without glass and frame) …First I thought it’s common here at the end of the world, has no real window like this. My suggestion was wrong, she said it’s under the construction. Ach so… even so I took this room for next days. So, so under construction…took not long to realize I don’t have warm shower. A house helper brought me buckets of warm water from down stairs. Inner architecture of the house is kind of Pop Art to me, it’s something between kitschy and tradition.

Took nap for few hours, saw Jonny waiting at entrance. He looked fresh.
People at this part of India is not like Indian I thought of, more they’re looks like me, Mongolian. Geographically this area is neighboured by Butan, China and Myanmar. I don’t feel like in India, rather somewhere in East Asia.
Entrance to the festival is controlled by many policemen/military,
Anup, one of arranger of the festival and a sound carrier guitarist welcomed me at the festival, als another arranger Shaj. They’re in good mood.

There’re many eatery huts, local foods, local drinks. I heard of grill frog and grasshopper tradition here, I MUST to try them! First day they were sold out, I was too late. Hopefully next day.
Shreya was singing „Vitamin C“ beside me while singing asked me if I sing this song at the festival. I can’t remember if I answered, anyway I gave her „Vitamin C“ tablet from my rucksack. She didn’t drop it, left saying „ I keep this as a souvenir“. Since this moment I used it instead my business card share, some people take it like it is.
On the muddy festival ground, two girls joined me to talk, asked to If I sing this and that song from my early 70’s at my performance here, I said I just create songs at the spot with ever changing local sound carriers. They say they came to here from Calcutta that is 1,500 km far from here.
The festival attracts young Indian people. Anup remember when he travelled all over India, he found this place is beautiful spot that stayed in his brain, later come with idea to establish festival here. Attendance this year is around 3,500. Every year its growing. For some music fan, keen on little bit of adventure and camping, it may worth to visit.
Sound carrier drummer Paul is a French guy, used to live in India for 20 years and has good connection to domestic people and also music scene, he says, he had been every part of India and found most peaceful and beautiful space is this area.

Whole festival long, mornings always landscape of rice field in rain, partly really hard rain that makes the festival ground a mud sea.
I went with my favourite shoe, it’s nothing of shine any more.
Guests at Sofia’s were Johnny and 3 members of Kathmandu Killers, a punk band from Kathmandu.
Johnny is a funny lovery guy, brings jokes and builds up warm communicative atomsphere.
I had enough time to spend the time together with the band from Nepal. Guitarist/singer is a lawyer, sympatric female bassist Sareena is a mountain guide, Drummer is youngest of the trio, remind me of someone I know in Japan. After conversation about this and that, the trio is quite similar to me on political level…. (violence less) anarchist!
2nd day at Ziro, We 4 went to centre village of Ziro, being tourist. Kindly a local person took us in his car. He is representative of some thing in this village, guide us where to go to eat. Every angle of the town is exotic for my eyes. No town planning, time after time the town is developing with improvisation.

To get a cup of coffee at this area is not easy, yeah, sure here is tea domination clearly, it’s tea origin.
I don’t know what friends from Nepal is easting everyday, we had really hot dish I couldn’t finish it all. It was huge amount of rice, hot sauce and a (really) bit of meat. Sauce is fairly hot like if directly burn your tongue form first spoon, you cannot taste anything else, but hot. Sweats pouring down from all part of body, we were speechless.
Finally we found place to have a cup of coffee, it’s instant coffee, it’s doesn’t matter we don’t get it real coffee.
Young friendly festival visitors took us in their bush taxi dropped us at our residence, which is on the way to the festival.
This evening, finally I had Grasshopper and frog!
Grasshopper is well grilled and taste good, remembering of Nagano prefecture in Japan. It’s healthy with much calcium.
But, Frog, I imagined of French style, just eat legs, but this one is whole body frilled, it’s a bit grotesque, so try just one piece was enough.
It’s all sound just journey, what is music at the festival?
Mainly music was what you hear in western countries at now. Hip Hop and Techno… just copy, so what I have to say, I say just nothing, it’s not my world. Between acts dance and music of local folklore that was much interesting, mainly I missed for my condition stay outside in uncomfortable weather.

Here and on the way I met good amounts of musician/bands from Israel. I have known that is part of Israel-Indian culture exchange. Anup’s band performed also in Israel recently, he said.
Network band of Himalaya was 2 Indian (Guitar and Synth), 2 from France (Drums and Bass) and I. Sound check and show time is delayed for few hours on technical solution caused by weather, Actually this made better for our appearance. Relax before concert I appreciate. Especially nature place like here. Our show time is sunset time.

Next day, early in the afternoon, when I enter the festival ground a policeman with smile on his face came to me, give his hand saying he much enjoyed our show last night. When unexpected thing happen, you feel something another level.
It was one of a most exciting festival trip ever, it’s still for me incredible, and 3,500peple came to the end of the world. They must have time and off course financial aspect.
When the festival is over silence rules again all over rice fields,
Festival staffs are cleaning up,
Visitors are getting less and less.
Dream of last days were melt into time and space.
I just wonder with all these festival materials, for example 2 x stages and many huts, boos for drinks and foods serviced, also merchandising huts? How they transport all things? Mountain road is impossible for big transporter, road is too narrow, sensible and risky for heavy transporters.
The answer to this, found little talk with Anup, after his festival started some years ago, few other festivals are also started here. So, they can leave it here. Also it’s not expensive to build new stage made by bamboo, material costs are low as bamboo is a traditional used and glows everywhere here.

It was not good weather next morning, as usual of all festival days, pouring rain and fog followed our trip back to the train station.
Thanks Anup, for invite me to an amazing place like here, without his invitation, I may not know this part of the world. And meet all those music fans come from every parts of India, domestic bands/artists and bands/artists from neighbour countries. It was fun, especially with not my real condition after surgery I’ve done this adventurous trip, I’m proud I’ve done it! It helps me on my motivation in future.
When we left this village, as many cars are driving same direction became traffic jam. It’s didn’t move. our driver was a crazy mountain road-well-experienced local driver, for him the words „manner“ is foreign.
He took right side of road take over hundreds of cars before us, stocked in traffic. Suddenly he cannot go further, and then many divers and passengers shut at him (us), „how possible to do thing like this!“. “Arshole!” They’re almost near to attack us….
A western driver even said to us„ You come from civilisation, how is possible to arrange shit driver like this guy.?“
In fact, kilometre long queue, in bad weather (road) condition, cold and wet, landscape hide behind curtain. We have to shame ourselves even it was not our fault, the driver was a shameless crazy guy, drives like rocket right side take over hundreds of cars.
We left early enough village, but now we’re tight with train schedule, passengers of other cars all take same train.
In train, every festival visitors are very relaxed, talking their experience, favourite show at the festival, change their address, everybody seems to be satisfied to visit this festival and already noticed in their dairy to visit next one, next year.

At Guwahati, we 7,8 people rest at one of festival staff’s father’s house. I lay down a bit, just close my eyes, and bring my self far spot/scene…
Outside is grilling, anther heat day in India, in the night slept in Hotel near Delhi airport. Attended by Sahaj with turban this time, he is a proud Sikhi, I left India back to my reality.

Damo Suzuki Network -The Swiftsure Session

For the 10 years between 2002 and 2012, cosmic nomad Damo Suzuki made annual trips to Australia, zigzagging across the country to perform improvised set with constant rotation of unacquainted sound carriers. While most of these limitless jams only existed in a passing flash, one special document exists – The Swiftsure Session.

Recorded deep in the Melbourne suburbs at Corduroy Records in 2004, these 48 minutes of free energy were cut direct to vinyl in real time. No overdubs or editing. Nothing but live tension. Duelling guitarists Emil Sarlija and Oren Ambarchi (later of hysterical prog group Superstupid) wandered blindly to a rhythm section anchored by Angie March’s Davey Williams and Edmond Ammendola, while Damo exercised his voice as an instrument, often indecipherable, inviting listener to create their own stories. In this room, every sound carrier is equal, opting out of any cues or direction. The only direction is UP!

Damo’s spirit comes with one consideration – audience members must be present as playing to cold studio machines restricts the communication. To bridge a feedback loop, 20-30 friends and fans banded around shared space.
Engineer Harry Williamson, who has his own psychedelic history as a member of Nik Turner’s Spynx and Mother Gong, manned the controls, ready to flip the acetate.

Rushed to press to beat the plant’s imminent closure, the original short run of the Swiftsure Session stretched 2LPs with a clank side. Here it is boiled down to a single disc, maximising the listening experience.

A Side.
Part 1 23:58
B Side
Part 2 23:55

Sound Carriers :
Oren Ambarchi (Guitar)
Edmondo Ammendola (Bass)
Emil Sarlija (Guitar)
Damo Suzuki (Vocals)
Davey Williams (Drums)

Distributed by Kudos Worldwide

R.I.P. Holger Czukay (March 24 1938 – September 5 2017)

I didn’t see Holger for many years, we didn’t have relationship, so I didn’t know what he was actually doing.
Last time I heard about him was that he didn’t appear at Jaki’s funeral early this year , after while I heard Holger was sick that time. (Unfortunately, myself was also in hospital, not able to join Jaki’s funeral.) Even I didn’t know his wife U-she died a month before him.

If you’re at Network performance, creating time and space of the moment with ever changing local sound carriers and you’re into it and enjoy that energy and you keep smile. I say, if I didn’t meet Holger on that beautiful spring day in Munich 1970, I’m not able to bring you this experience of joy and share energy with you.
Holger is the person open my door to music activity. So, you know, everything begun on that day, Holger Czukay invited me to sing. (I still don’t know what moved him to stand up and come to me and asked if I can sing with Can on that day).

Holger is next to my mother, who gave me my life.
Holger gave me way to music life. If I didn’t meet him that day at that time and that place, I may became a politician, a comic painter or just I’m somewhere else.

Holger was workaholic.
He was first one to enter Inner Space Studio and last person to leave day after day. He was into wire, equipment and electric substance, eating sweet bread and drinking coffee, seemed to be no interest to get any other food, my picture in my brain is Holger in that form.
Sometimes he watched us (Irmin and me) during chess match looks very angry while he had problem with equipment. We’re concentrating next move. He was working if he doesn’t, he say some wits (near to philosophy) that often nobody’s able to understand.
Very first day, I was quite surprised from him was playing bass with white groove. I thought of Mickey Mouse, has four fingers, therefore he is bassist?
One day at beginning with Can, he came to me, I was enjoying Kölsch (domestic beer from Cologne) in local pub Plenum (A kind of institution, a pub early 70’s where Cologne artists and bands meet.)
He came with smiles on his face,
“Hey Damo, listen to this, it’s good British band!”
I took earphone and listen to it. British band?
“yeah, it’s not so bad….who is it?”
“It’s’s our piece!”
It was “Mother Sky” on his face I found proud.

He was one, I guess in 90’s, somewhere on the street of Cologne I met him, he was saying “Can is the best band and there will be no band like us…also not in future….)
In fact as he was a hard worker, he was mostly with the band, take care about equipment, lay cables, even drove bus when we didn’t have roadies. Then, at Inner Space, preparations, recording, editing…..
He was action in person.

On that day in Munich he gave me “Monster Movies” and “Canaxis”
I liked both as at that time for me both were new, “something”. In “Boat-Woman-Song” I found fresh air and knew there’re many way to make music.
Holger was indeed a pioneer for sampling, electric, house music, techno, etc… He was doing all these very long time ever since even they didn’t have name.

Holger left us at age of 79.
U-she is beside him and Jaki’s grave is just few meter distance.

He was Inner Space, he choice his last moment in Inner Space.
It may right place… of creativity.

Holger, rest in piece.

Damo Suzuki / September 21 2017

September 16 2017(Saturday) Belgium, Liege @ Frakas

Damo Suzuki with Chris Cerri (Synths), Jerome Danthine (Drums), Benjamin Schoos (Guitar), Pascal Schyns (Bass)and Marc Wathieu (Guitar)

This is a private party for DVD Productions Company’s anniversary.
Some asked me where is the space, I perform this day. , they want to come, but sorry this was a private.

Last time I performed here was appearance at a festival, one of nicest catering I ever had at festival. Healthy food for every taste. Belgium is one of best place for eatery beside Spain with generally I can enjoy. Those foods they served were really shining and filled up with positive energy. Even few days later I sent mail to the catering company, thanks for amazing buffet that never happens often.

So, any time visit Belgium may already a highlight sure.
Talks of the days are food, food again food! Here you can eat amazing food, food talk is not just female, men’s conversation in pub or on the street.
From Cologne to Liege is just one-hour drive, easy thing.
Just one-hour drive I can find delicatessen here.
I wasn’t feel good whole morning, I rest my self at hotel, which is just in front of modern 21-century style train station.
Elke was a way for a while, came back to the hotel room with happy face and exciting. She found oysters just Next Street at fish shop.
Even she tried, she said, they’re friendly, I have to come with her.
Since few years I’m an oyster lover. It’s not as delicatessen, I like to enjoy it for healthy reason.

Substances oyster has are enormous:
Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B12, D, E, Zink, Omega 3, Iron, Mineral…huh..
Vitamin E and C for Immune system, relax the blood vessels, good for eyes through Zink (Oyster has most Zink in natural product), rich with B12 and Omega 3, Zink and Iron helps brain function, keep good mood, Skin care, energy, good for bone, strength sexuality (Casanova ate 50 Oysters at everyday breakfast!) and anti aging. You know it’s universal medicine!
A young man and older man in the fish shop was so friendly and hospitality pure, even we lost in translation. Young one said he’ll make table for us, we ordered 1 Dzn oysters, but they served us more with shrimps, king prawns, other seafood… Dish full of amazing seafoods on ice.
Unfortunately we cannot get wine or champagne, as they’re a shop, not having licence for alcohol.

And what we paid? There was only a dzn oysters on invoice, good amount of other materials were not mentioned….just gifts.
He maybe proud to have his job, he loves fish, he himself is a gourmet, if he meet someone loves seafood, he is happy…he doesn’t make any business, he is happy to serve amazing material from sea. Enjoying to see his customer is enjoying. Another hand it was on Saturday afternoon what they’ll do with must-be-fresh materials? Even so, it was really far out, I say far out, things like this happen.
Sometimes I had this kind of experience with fisherman in another countries too. They’re human near.

The private party was at art gallery, invited guests fill up all space, good mood, some ladies are preparing finger foods in kitchen, each of their arts are looks pretty and creative. It’s nice to look from shoulder what they’re preparing, it’s inspired me. Again I witnessed Belgium is gourmet land even they don’t produce own wine. (I believe fine eatery belongs good wine.)

There is no stage, audience is so closer, everybody were in good mood wine glass in hand, so just positive energy was upon us.
After the show we all sound carriers were invited by owner of DVD productions company , together to eat near by.

Damo Suzuki’s Network With Château Laut – Ausland

Damo Suzuki in performance with Château Laut, recorded at Ausland, Berlin, 30.iv.2010 by Stephan Laackman. Mastered for cassette format by Mark Van Hoen.

Château Laut’s Stefan Fähler writes: “I contacted Damo in 2009. He didn’t reply immediately and at one point I just forgot about it… So, it was a huge surprise when he replied, exactly a year to the day later, explaining his email’s calendar was weird and he had only just now received my mail. Quickly, we arranged all details for our concert-to-be.

We first met a couple of months later, at the airport. We picked him up in the morning and were stoned just an hour later in our kitchen. The energy for the whole day was so peaceful and warm. On the way to soundcheck we saw barricades and police vans on the streets in readiness for 1 May – a date famous in Berlin for rioting and protest. We joked about this “predictable riot”, marked in calendars for all to see.

The gig at Ausland proceeded organically. We shared many beautiful moments, both on and off stage. Damo was so much into the atmosphere and the crowd that, after our main set, we went on-stage a second time. Afterwards, we crashed at our place, downing a couple of whiskeys before going to sleep, happy.

We kept in touch. He became something close to a spiritual mentor for me. He gave us contacts around the globe for travels and put me in touch with many nice people. He once said to me, one of the most important things in life is to travel. We were glad he stopped by our place on his journey.” – Stefan Fähler, Berlin, 23.viii.2017

More Info


August 19 2017 (Saturday) Denmark, Århus @ Tape

Damo Suzuki with Badun

Oliver had been a sound carrier for few times, he occasionally contacts me and inform me what is his new stand.
Travel to Århus from Cologne is quite far, it’s not make sense fly to Copenhagen and get there by ferry or something else. (Denmark has around 400 small islands except Greenland and Faroe Islands.)
We had to make it whole way by car. It’s both way 1,800km, it’s almost same amount driving distance like last UK tour just a week before.
So, that’s mean poor Elke has to drive same amount with her new car that can carry more luggage than any of this type car. She wanted to have this sort of car as we travelling a lot. In case we find interesting things buy it on the road, it’s easy to transfer.

Travel with car is for me the best way. We don’t have to focus to timetable of plane or train. We can control our own time. Also driving is quite natural way like ride on bicycle or use own foots, you won’t travel to another time zone with fast speed. I don’t think it’s healthy to pass many time zones in short, it’s against human time circle or life rhythms however you call it.
One-way to Århus is 900 km, it’s better to break somewhere before/after Germany/Denmark boarder. We decide to stay one night in Flensburg, border to Denmark and northernmost city in Germany. I’d been here for many years ago with my old band, beginning of 70’s, before this on my busking days at end 60’s.

Flensburg is very famous in Germany, everybody knows for Federal Motor Vehicle Office. If you involved in traffic accident by your mistake, people say “loose point in Flensburg” It’s officially penalty giving place.
As Flensburg is near sea, there must be good fish restaurant, unfortunately we are late for good kitchen as we just decided randomly to stay over night here. We found spontaneously a hotel at middle of the city, even at this time busy on the street. It’s Friday evening. There Are some fish restaurants, but it won’t attract us, we went to Spanish restaurant against our philosophy (eat at local food restaurant) But, It wasn’t a bad choice I should say…very comfortable and southern Europe typical friendly hospitality. Spanish restaurant, without doubt you can try almost everywhere. They have generally good quality and they know cooking. Beside Japanese food I like Spanish most, because it’s delicious plus they have reasonable price, you get what equal to your budget.
Next morning: I didn’t expect control at the border, but surprisingly there was. We had no problem just without control through border. Some cars not, had stop for control.
On the way, I found many spaces if Denmark is huge country. Farmer after farmer, green after green.
Also motorway you feel much comfortable, no aggressive driving style like in Germany.
Already 3rd time to perform in Århus, meet up with Oliver at the hotel, middle of the city.

Sound check is delayed, so we went to explore city life, find place to sit outside at old part of the city, ordered late lunch/early dinner however. Price in Denmark is incredible, even small city like here, you never miss advertising brunch for 350ddk, 380ddk, seems to be it’s cheap for Danish people…listen!… 350ddk is about 47 euro. As I’m interesting about food everywhere, this is like 50% more than in Germany. But, quality generally is not bad. But, if you think this price it must be so.
The performance tonight is a trio: Oliver, Jonas and I.
With Jonas I performed also few times, also here and in Copenhagen.
I guess Oliver made recording tonight, so I may hear it later.
Play trio is so different, every sound carriers has huge space, enough creative possibility.

We had extra stay as Oliver offer to stay for few days.
But, we stayed one extra day, cooking for Oliver’s family and some friends.
Way back home, again randomly choice an accommodation.
This time we stayed in Lübeck, one of Hansa cities and Holstentor is symbolising German proud on 50 mark cash money until January 1 2002 beginning of Euro.

Again we didn’t find any interesting fish restaurant. North Germany is connected to East Sea and North Sea, Lübeck is the port of East Sea, there must be a good fish restaurant, found many restaurants that menu says housewives made cream herring with fried potatoes, it’s sound nothing….I can eat it at home, not anything special, have to go to restaurant even its origin and I like it.
We had good accommodation just beside Holstentor, comfortably short touristic action.