06/21/07 – Canada – Monastery Ruins, / St. Norbert – Solstice Sircus / (St. Norbert Arts;Centre)

Damo Suzuki with Doreen;Girard (Cello), Natalia Zielinski (Violin) and;Absent Sound: Josh Butcher (Organs, Vocals), Kelly Castle (Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Guitars), David Fort (Guitars, Bass, Vocals) and Robert Menard (Guitars, Samples, Loops, Vocals)

WhoSolstice Sircus / (St. Norbert Arts;Centre)
WhenThursday, June 21, 2007
WhereSolstice Sircus / (St. Norbert Arts;Centre) (map)
Monastery Ruins, / St. Norbert, Canada

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