06/18/17 – Kosovo – Pristina – Hamam Bar

Sunday, June 18, 2017
20:00 - All Ages Buy Tickets
Pristina, Kosovo
Other Info
Damo Suzuki with Tetris :
Burim Gora (Guitar), Edmond Krasniqi (Guitar), Dritëro Nikqi (Drums) and Vigan Nimani (Keyboards)
Additional Sound Carriers on stage : Adem Hasani (Keyboards), Agron Mjekiqi (Drums), Arif Muharremi (Guitar), Gent Nimani (Guitar) and Bujar Sylejmani (Bass)

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2 thoughts on “06/18/17 – Kosovo – Pristina – Hamam Bar”


    TETRIS is a Prishtina-based group of art outfitters, creating soundscapes based on hypnotic phrases from a myriad of synths and deep bass. Their ever-changing line-up is prone to heavy analogue manipulation of screeching guitars, classical piano and monotonous beats, adding color to their unpredictable yet (often) explosive performances.

    TETRIS’ core line-up for the night:
    Vigan Nimani – keyboards
    Burim Gora – guitar
    Edmond Krasniqi – guitar
    Dritëro Nikqi – drums

    Additional musicians on stage:
    Bujar Sylejmani – bass
    Gent Nimani – guitar
    Adem Hasani – keyboards
    Arif Muharremi – guitar
    Agron Mjekiqi – drums

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/zjtlnj3nhxe9

    1. Good Evening, Alush!

      Thanks for your information.
      That was really nice day in Pristina, also in Tirana, fully new experience and energy at both places are amazing.
      Even still I cannot imagine, I performed 2,5 hours with my condition.
      Anyway it was positive and I take it for part of my life.
      Say, many greetings to all those sound carriers.

      Have a nice evening!

      Damo @ Cologne

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