06/03/05 – Norway – Oslo – Bla

Damo Suzuki with Jean-Louis Huhta (Percussion, Elektronics) and The Skull Defekts: Henrik Grevesmuhl (Synthesizers), Joachim Nordwall (Guitar and Effects), Eric Olofsson (Guitar and Percussion) and Henrik Rylander (Drums, Feedback Machines and Electronics) 2nd Set: Damo Suzuki with Silverbullet: Anders Gustafsson (Drums), Niclas Löfgren (Guitar), Andreas Nilsson (Guitar), Simon Olsson (Vocals, Drums), Jon ölmeskog (Organ) and Jukka Rintamaki (Bass)

WhenFriday, June 03, 2005
WhereBla (map)
Oslo, Norway

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