05/25/18 – Ireland – Cork – Triskel Art Centre

Damo Suzuki + Catherine Sikora Mingus + Local sound carriers
Friday, May 25, 2018
19:30 - 18+ Buy Tickets
Cork, Ireland
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Damo Suzuki with Guillermo Carrion (Guitar), Hector Castells (Keyboards), Jimmy Eadie (Keyboards, Effects), Poppy Lloyd (Keyboards, Performance), Sean Macerlaine (Woodwinds, Effects), Catherine Sikora Mingus (Tenor Saxophone), Brian Mooney (Guitar), Matthew Nolan (Guitar), Bryan O'Connell (Drums) and
Steve Shannon (Bass)

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7 thoughts on “05/25/18 – Ireland – Cork – Triskel Art Centre”

  1. Greetings again, getting to see the legend Damo Suzuki twice in the space of 5 months will make 2018 one of my most memorable years for gigs. When we met briefly in January at The Printworks, Hastings and I said it would be so cool to see you here in Cork, I like to think I planted the seed in your mind, for you to bring your incredible quest to spread music, joy and positive energy around the world.
    See you again soon.

    1. I meant to say, I like to think I planted the seed for you to bring your incredible quest to spread music, positive energy and joy to our little corner of Ireland. I was quite stoned and very tired when I composed that email last night !

    2. Oh, I’ll wait you in Cork, you will experience twice in this year….maybe 3rd time to come.
      This time with Irish sound carriers. It’s always fun to visit Irland, did I told you I lived in Co.Wexford in ’69?

  2. I would have been 1 year old when you were in Wexford. It has some of the most beautiful countryside here, famous for its sunshine strawberries. Love, Peace & Energy,

    1. I may saw you in Kinderwagen down the road.
      You know, Wongs Restaurant?
      I was working there for few weeks and painting.

  3. Hi Damo, I think a small misunderstanding has taken place. I was a year old in 69, but not in Wexford. I was born and raised near Portsmouth in the UK. I came to Ireland in 92, I drove a camper van over for a friend of mine. One thing led to another and I ended up staying here in West Cork, having a family and buying some land. I love it, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. See you soon, best wishes and happy travels.

  4. Thank you for a special night tonight. Your energy was immense, the sound carriers were excellent. Until we meet again, best wishes and much respect.

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