One thought on “06/18/17 – Kosovo – Pristina – Hamam Bar


    TETRIS is a Prishtina-based group of art outfitters, creating soundscapes based on hypnotic phrases from a myriad of synths and deep bass. Their ever-changing line-up is prone to heavy analogue manipulation of screeching guitars, classical piano and monotonous beats, adding color to their unpredictable yet (often) explosive performances.

    TETRIS’ core line-up for the night:
    Vigan Nimani – keyboards
    Burim Gora – guitar
    Edmond Krasniqi – guitar
    Dritëro Nikqi – drums

    Additional musicians on stage:
    Bujar Sylejmani – bass
    Gent Nimani – guitar
    Adem Hasani – keyboards
    Arif Muharremi – guitar
    Agron Mjekiqi – drums


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